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What’s CryptoPups?

CryptoPups are a group of cute creatures who will never leave your side. They exist as long as you wish they could be, they can’t be taken away, or harmed, even duplicated. You could either adopt or raise those cute creatures yourself, each one of them is unique in this world, just like you.


Why do we create CryptoPups?

Alike the human history, there’re turns and twists along the path. And the blockchain-based technology is the new turn for the Internet Era, a vital turn for the global network. It’s a new revolution brought by Blockchain-based technology and decentralization technology, we hope everyone can have the chance to join it, not limited to Bitcoin miners, or experts of blockchained-based technology, or elites of financial industry. With such thought, we created CryptoPups. In the way of gaming, we encourage each one of you to join and understand the technology, getting to know cryptocurrency like bitcoin and Ether. As our goal is to make our society a better place through blockchain-base technology, a place where people can achieve success through sharing and creating data. More chances can be created and an even much fairer environment can appear. And we have been working hard on achieving such a wonderful goal.